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  • Portable Generators: Wiring a Generator Inlet

    Placement of the power inlet, selecting the best wiring method, and properly educating your customer on what their portable generator can and cannot do are key to a successful installation. These and other best practices are demonstrated in this video as a generator inlet is added to the outside ...

  • Tankless Water Heater Operations

    With this overview of "how the tankless water heater works" you can easily identify where to start your troubleshooting efforts when service is requested.

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  • Installing a Surge Protector

    We will introduce you to the surge protector, as well as an industry-proven method of how to install them on a system. Depending on your region, these can be a great add-on to any maintenance or service call.

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  • Portable Generators: Manual Transfer Options

    Installing transfer equipment properly makes sure power is switched safely from line power to back up power and back again. Two options will be demonstrated in this video, a generator interlock kit and a manufactured transfer switch panel board with watt metering.

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  • Flushometers; An In-Depth Look

    Flushometer valves are commonly found in commercial settings, however, they can be found in residential applications. Learn how these devices work, and how they most commonly fail.

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  • How to Perform Maintenance on a Ductless System

    Ever wonder how to run a maintenance call on a ductless system properly? In this video, we will show you how to pull a blower wheel, clean an evaporator using a hose bib system, and check the system for proper operation without using gauges.

  • Optimizing Surge Protection

    Dive into this video demonstration for a cascading installation of surge devices to provide whole-home protection for your customers. The focus remains on the importance of following the manufacturer's specifications.

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  • Tankless Water Heater Cleaning

    Water quality can play a huge role in a tankless water heater's performance. Learn how to keep the waterways clear for a longer water heater life.

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  • How to Clean a Blower Assembly

    Cleaning blower assemblies is a task that many service and maintenance technicians will do often throughout their careers. In this video, best practices are shown of how to do this.

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