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Be prepared for any residential task with how-to videos in the palm of your hand. Perfect for new plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians.

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Plumbing Problem-Solving At Your Fingertips

Plumbing is the perfect trade for problem solvers and lifelong learners. Vocational training doesn't end once you've obtained your license. Subscribe to access videos on advanced troubleshooting, hydronic and solar water heating systems, private wells and septic systems, and plumbing system design and installation.

Electrical Expertise Is Your Future

NexTech Academy On-The-Go breaks down complex electrical tasks into actionable steps. You'll have a virtual toolbox that prepares you to work with homeowners, troubleshoot, replace and repair panels, do remodels and retrofits. Work smarter. Subscribe today!

HVAC Content For Where You Live And Work

Residential HVAC tasks are involved and vary by region. Your subscription includes videos on hydronics, furnace and air conditioning maintenance, troubleshooting and installation. Access via web streaming or the app, so you'll always be prepared!

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