Alternate Power Sources

Alternate Power Sources

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Alternate Power Sources
  • Portable Generators: Wiring a Generator Inlet

    Placement of the power inlet, selecting the best wiring method, and properly educating your customer on what their portable generator can and cannot do are key to a successful installation. These and other best practices are demonstrated in this video as a generator inlet is added to the outside ...

  • Portable Generators: Manual Transfer Options

    Installing transfer equipment properly makes sure power is switched safely from line power to back up power and back again. Two options will be demonstrated in this video, a generator interlock kit and a manufactured transfer switch panel board with watt metering.

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  • Electric Vehicles: Installing a Charging Station

    Electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment comes in a variety of styles, each one unique. The wiring methods that can be used to connect the equipment are not. This video demonstrates the use of EMT to add an EV charging station to a finished garage wall.

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